🐰 Looking for Foster Heroes! 🏡

Are you within 30 minutes of DY3 postcode and willing to lend a helping hand to our adorable male bunnies in need? Lucky Bunny and Friends Rescue needs temporary fosterers for these furry friends!

Our bunnies are waiting for vaccinations and neutering at our trusted vets. Your support can make all the difference in their lives. Plus, we'd love your feedback to help us raise funds and find their forever homes.

If you can provide a safe haven and love for these bunnies, please get in touch with us today. Let's work together to give them the care and attention they deserve! 🐇❤️



Meet Eric, a charming bunny with a heart full of love, who is currently seeking a warm and caring foster home. Eric is approximately 1 year old and has a friendly and affectionate personality that's sure to win your heart. But before he can take the next step in his journey towards a forever home, we're working hard to raise the necessary funds for his neutering procedure.

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🐰 Meet Gregg, Our Adorable Bunny in Search of a Foster Home While We Raise Funds for His Neutering! 🏡

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