Who are Lucky Bunnies and Friends

Lucky Bunny and Friends Rescue is a self funded rabbit and guinea pig rescue, based in Gornalwood DY3 2Sl

With the cost of living rising, sadly more small animals are being abandoned. This, along with widespread misconceptions about the needs and requirements of rabbits and guinea pigs, means that the amount finding themselves in rescue is rising rapidly. The number of genuine homes being offered to these animals in need, however, is sadly declining.


How much does it cost to adopt a rabbit from Lucky Bunnies?

When adopting a rabbit from Lucky Bunny and Friends you are helping to make difference to our rescue. All of our rabbits will be neutered and vaccinated prior to adoption. 


To adopt a rabbit from Lucky Bunnies cost £75 per bun or £120 for a bonded pair 

Why adopt and not purchase from a pet shop or breeder?

When you adopt from Lucky Bunnies, each bunny costs £75 or £110 for a bonded pair. Each bunny will have been vaccinated and neutered. 

As a rough guide neutering costs around £75-£150 depending on your vet and a vaccination is around £30-£60 along with the cost of purchasing the rabbit from the pet shop (approximately £60). This brings the total cost approximately £270. 

So for £75 you get all of the above costs included as the rescue absorbs those funds to ensure that the right home is found for our amazing buns. 

When your adopt from Lucky Bunnies you are not only making a difference to a rabbits life, but you are also becoming part of a bunny loving community. You are offered a chance to join the Lucky Bunnies family, who support each other with bunny related questions.